Welcome to Courageous Parent!

Here parents, just like me, come to learn and share their knowledge about creating a happy and healthy home.  I am not a medical expert.  I am a mom who has had to dig deep to understand what is needed for the healing of my older son with PANS and my younger son with ADHD and dyslexia.  I know how hard it is to navigate through multiple systems and tons of information to get at the best protocols for healing, the best advice on cleaning up the home environment, and recipes that my picky eaters will eat. And though I look for evidence-based information, I am also open to many alternative forms of healing, all of which I will share here.

It takes courage to question the experts

when what they are telling you just doesn’t add up.

It takes courage to change your lifestyle.

It take courage to face fears and uncertainty and try something different.

It takes courage to never stop believing that you can make a difference.

EmbraceChangeThank you for being a part of this journey with me!  Thank you for being the difference in your child’s life!  Thank you for embracing change!  Thank you for believing!

Follow my blog posts as I journal the healing that is taking place for my family, share recipes and tips to make life style changes, share medical information that has been pertinent to our healing process, and share my own personal observations and feelings about this process.

 Embrace change and trust the process.

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