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Hi!  Thanks for stopping by!  If you are here, chances are good that you are a parent.  I am also guessing that you know the important responsibility of this “job”!  And you may even feel overwhelmed at times by the enormity of it all, I know I do from time to time!


Heather and her boys

Me and my two boys when they were young!

I am the mother of two wonderful boys!  I spent the first four years of my oldest son’s life (the first two and a half years of my youngest son’s life) at home.  Then my husband and I switched and I went back to work in the classroom as a special education teacher and my husband came home.  Boy was that a lot of transitioning!

Fast forward seven years and our lives changed again.  My oldest son contracted PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome).  This is a horrific autoimmunity that turned our lives upside down!  You can learn about PANS here, and I encourage you to do so and share with the world!  The short story is that I needed to come home to care for our son, so my husband went back into the work world.  More transition.  After a year and a half of pursuing a variety of medical treatments, our son is healing and we are in a place where we can breathe again.  He is not back to base line, but I can begin to think about myself again and my passions while I continue to care for him.  This has lead me to my current endeavor of working from home, finding balance in my life, and sharing what I’ve learned and continue to learn about health and wellness with others.  The prospect of continuing to care for my son, keeping the home front running, AND pursuing my passions while earning an income is what I want and is probably what you want too.

My challenge was that I had plenty of ideas, things I wanted to share, but no direction or format for sharing.  Then the concept of utilizing the internet to share my  passions and what I have learned was presented to me and it all came together.  As I continue to realize my dreams, my potential, and make a difference, I want to help you do the same too!

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