Best Lego Build in 2015 (if you are into architectural structures!)

Boy, it really must be the season of looking at toys with my kids!  This is another product review that isn’t related to healthy my-view-1439919living, but it brings me back to a time when things seemed simpler.  When I was a youngster, I really enjoyed building with Lego blocks.

I would design my dream home, fully furnished with block beds, block chairs, block tables.  Lots of blocks!  Maybe you remember the Lego of long ago as fondly?  So it amazes me what you can build today with so many different piece designs.  Lego is no longer just blocks.  There are so many intricate pieces that allow you to get very creative!  I love the excitement from my boys lego-1492495when they get a new set and exclaim, “Look at this new piece!  It’s so cool!”  To be honest though, I’m not nearly as creative as my boys are when it comes to making my own creations.  My youngest is especially gifted at grabbing pieces and throwing together some really awesome things!  I do; however, really enjoy sorting, which makes them quite happy as well!



But there are times when I think back fondly to the days of designing my dream homes and how much I enjoyed building buildings.  So you’ll understand why I got so excited about the Lego set my niece showed me!  My niece LOVES Legos as much as my boys do.  Not too long ago, during a visit, she and my boys were having a Lego building fest and she created her own minifigure out of various parts in the lego bin that she was particularly fond of, but my boys were also particularly fond of the pieces she had used and they didn’t want to part with them.  After she left, a little downhearted, my boys begged me to order the individual parts and send it to her as a surprise.  She was pretty thrilled when that small package arrived!  But I digress…

My niece knows how much I liked designing my dream home, so she was pretty excited to show me the Palace Cinema.  It’s a beautiful old style movie theater with a detailed roof line, the kind I only dreamed about building as a kid, and that fancy entrance that you imagine yourself going into after exiting from your limo!  Oh, the convertible limo is included to enhance your stellar fantasy!  The stars on the sidewalk have that Hollywood feel and the spotlight finishes up the dream of being a star at the movies!  I love that my niece thought I would enjoy this set as much as she does.  She’s right of course.  She knows me well.

So if you are looking for a really fun Lego build that reminisces of days of old, but on a much grander scale, then check out the Lego Palace Cinema!  It’s a must have for theater buffs and Lego enthusiasts alike!  Happy building!

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