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So you have lots of creative ideas, but you don’t know how to turn those ideas into a business from home.  Maybe you’ve read about different online opportunities and you don’t know what to trust.  Starting an online business can feel overwhelming and you may not know where to start.  That was me and if this is you, then you will want to read about a little gem I have found!

“I want to help you realize your dream of working from home!”

Everyone’s story is different and unique to them.  We all have our own reason for wanting to work from home.  My short story is that I was successfully working for our local school district as a behavior specialist.  I was good at what I was doing, felt passionate about it, and was content.  And then my world turned upside down when my then 10-year old son suddenly presented with PANS, a little known auto immunity that rocks the life of the child and their family!  I found myself in the position of having to quit my job and stay home to care for my son.  As he began to have healing, I began to have more time to think about and care for myself.  I have skills, I have passions, I have creative ideas, but I needed a way to share them from my home.  That’s when I stumbled across affiliate marketing,

Now I have to tell you that I’ve participated in lots of webinars that give me just enough information after an hour to wet my appetite, but no real substance, and I am left without any real direction. . . unless I pay the large fee to get more support.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a large sum of money to try something that I don’t even know will benefit me.  That’s why I’m looking to earn from home in the first place!  And I prefer to try something before I purchase it.

So here at Courageous Parent, I promise that I will only promote systems and products that I use personally and preferably that you can “try before you buy”.

Now I will share with you what YOU need to achieve success within the online world.  I will share with you a way to take your creative ideas, your passions, your skills and turn them into a lucrative business from home.  If I can do it, so can YOU!  Here is what I have learned…

Building a Business Online Requires Only THREE Things…

Each of us creates success a little bit differently, but these three things are consistent for those who achieve true online success! Here is what my online teacher, Kyle, has taught me…

First, They Have Help

Like you, I am creative and motivated and a hard worker, but I knew next to NOTHING about building a business and even less about building a business online.  I loved the idea of starting an online business to share my passions and my skills, but in order for me to do that, I NEEDED HELP!

So where is the best place to get help?

Second, They Have Their Own Website

No website, no success.  I have learned that if you are going into the online world without a website of your own, you are going to have short lived success, if any at all.  Thankfully, for people like me, building a website is now very easy.  In fact, a few minutes from now, you can have YOUR very own website up and running online.

Yes, in a few minutes from now…without spending a single cent of your own money. Remember, I prefer to promote “try before you buy” systems.

Third, They Engage in Learning Regularly & They Practice Correctly

As an educator, I know that you can’t do something well without learning how to do it first. I also know that when things are hard, “scaffolding” with lots of support helps the learning process. And having a community that can answer questions and provide encouragement any minute of any day helps to ensure success.  When we feel supported, we are more likely to practice, and when we practice what we have learned correctly, it becomes much easier.

Ready to blow your mind?  Let’s get started!

I’m going to share with you how I got started.  If you want the freedom of working from home, sharing your passions, and bringing in an income, then read on!  This may blow your mind!  It did mine…

Here is what you get when you sign-up for $0 at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Personal Help & Support
    • Personal help from the co-founders of the company, Kyle and Carson, who have over a decade of experience
    • Help within a community of tens of thousands of users (I am one of them!)
    • Live Chat support 24/7
    • Ongoing topical discussions that are current and relevant
  • 2 Free Websites
    • Fully functional WordPress sites
    • Ready to make money online
  • Training Galore
    • Video classes
    • Tutorials
    • Courses
    • Entire Classrooms

All of this for $0, no credit card required.   I chose Wealthy Affiliate because I did not find training this robust anywhere or support like this anywhere.   There is a Premium option that you should consider, but that will only give you access to WAY MORE.

As shown in the screen capture below, choose the “Starter, $0 per month” option and you will instantly get access to the community after you offer your sign-up details.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Today

You can read Kyle’s FULL Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

If you have any questions about getting started online, I would love to help!  Leave your question here or, better yet, private message me on the Wealthy Affiliate site!  You will be glad you did!

Sign up now!  Sign up here!


2 thoughts on “Blow Your Mind with Wealthy Affiliate!

  1. I have been a paying Wealthy Affiliate member for almost a year now and I am very happy that I found this community. I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing or website design prior to getting involved, but since I started I now have 2 websites up and running and both are making money for me. It is very hard work, don’t get me wrong… I needed to work many hours and even went as far as to quit my day job to focus all of my energies on my business. Not something that everyone can do, but anyone can succeed at this if they try hard and don’t let themselves give up. Belief in one’s self is all that matters.

    • Will, Thank you for taking the time to share your success! Anyone can do this, if they believe it and put forth the effort, they will succeed. You are so right! Wishing you every success!

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