Dream BIG in 2017 – New Year’s Reflections and Resolutions

Happy New Year!  This is the year to make BIG things happen!

We are just back from a wonderful few days up the hill from our home in Bellingham.  I love our time at Mt. Baker!  We stay in our small RV at Heather Meadows, dry camping with a few other hardy souls!  There is something magical about waking up in the mountain before the crowds have arrived.  The sun kisses the snow-capped peaks a lovely pink, the ravens sing their good mornings, and it feels like all is right in the world in that moment!  This year we had the addition of our puppy, Annie.  She brings so much delight to our family!


The best thing about having Annie at the mountain is that she can run off leash and play in the snow to her heart’s content!

The boys love rough housing with her in the snow and she is a great companion for both of them!  Here I’ve captured both of these sentiments.

I am so grateful that her sweet spirit draws Hans out of our home and back into nature!

And I am also so grateful that her playful spririt can match that of Andre, who loves life to the fullest!

With these feelings of gratitude, I move into this new year with a renewed belief in health, happiness, and prosperity for my life.

I reflect on all that has happened for me and my family this past year.

  • My oldest son, Hans, is the healthiest he’s been in three years of healing from PANS/PANDAS thanks to many providers thinking outside the standard protocols and exploring what his body specifically needs to function optimally!
  • My youngest son, Andre, is in the 6th grade and enjoyed a very successful introduction to track and field, discovering what we all knew, that he is very fast!
  • My husband has been enjoying a new career in professional driving!
  • My Kickstarter campaign for my book about our healing journey was fully funded!
  • My consulting business, Courageous Educational Services, has been fully utilized!
  • My doTERRA business is growing as I share the healing powers of nature’s essential oils!

I am truly blessed to have such an amazing family, immediate and extended, to share this life with.  The heart aches, the celebrations, the frustrations, the accomplishments, all are richer because of my family!

I resolve to move into this new year with clarity and intention.

  • I will focus on helping my son, Hans, complete his healing so that he can access all of life with ease.
  • I will continue to celebrate my son, Andre, and all his joy.
  • I will finish my book, raising awareness, and providing guidance for anyone supporting a child in crisis.
  • I will grow my doTERRA business, supporting my team to become all they can be.
  • I will chunk my time to be focused and intentional in order to accomplish these goals.

I share this inspiration with you….

Given equal opportunity,

the one with theBIGGEST dream

will win every time.

~Chris Brady

Share your reflections and resolutions with me.  Leave a comment below.  Get clarity, set your intention, and write down your goals.  By declaring them you are more likely to achieve them.  May 2017 be YOUR best year ever!

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