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With the sudden onset of a debilitating autoimmune illness in my oldest son at age 10, I have had to take charge of my family’s health and in that process I have done a LOT of researching and learning.  As a Courageous Parent, I will only share with you materials that I have found to be of sound content AND helpful.  Some of these materials are available at no cost, others are online classes that I have taken and benefited from.  I have dedicated an entire page to PANDAS/PANS/AE, the autoimmune illness that rocked our family’s world.  You can go there now to get more information and you can always contact me for resources and moral support!  If you have something you would like to see me include here, drop me a note below and I will check it out!

Online Courses

Healthy Family Formula

This program will begin your journey to health and healing covering all aspects of good health: mental, emotional, physical, even social.  It involves powerful educational materials,  a Facebook group for support, and focuses on whole health.  Click here to learn more, you will be so glad you did!

One-to-One with Dr. Kharazzian

This program will provide you the first steps to follow to save your brain from accelerated brain degeneration and improve brain function.   It involves 6 weeks of training, taking you through sequential steps to rescuing your brain.  Brain function is the most overlooked yet important factor when it comes to managing chronic health issues.  It does not matter how mild or troubling your brain issue is, the human brain has basic needs that sadly aren’t being met for many people in the modern world. This affects the health of your entire body.

Brain Restore In 4

This program is a simple 4 step system that will teach you how the brain is impacted by 4 key areas and how to begin to take your life back once and for all in just 4 short weeks.  There are lots of great resources and useful guides to help you increase your energy, focus, mood, and motivation.

Online Materials

Whole Life Nutrition

This site has helpful articles, recipes, and access to books and programs.  The articles are informative and free and many of them include nutrition tips and recipes.  There is a cost for the books and programs, but they are also good tools.  I use both of the cookbooks and love the educational aspects of them in addition to the recipes!

Children’s & Teen Health Summit

Childrens&TeenHealthSummitThis is a free week long summit featuring key speakers in the field of alternative medicine.  Each speaker brings their own unique understanding of health and wellness as it pertains to our children.  Although the free event is over, there will be another in May, 2015.  Additionally, if you would like to purchase the last summit in its entirety, you can do that here.

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