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Hand-in-Hand-Parenting_avatar_1378055004-200x200If you are looking for in-depth learning in parenting your unique child then Hand-in-Hand Parenting is a fabulous resource.  Register for one of their online classes and learn the skills to be connected with your child, even during the most difficult times.

I have extensive training in behavior management, decoding behavior, and responding to crisis, but the skills I have learned from Hand-in-Hand Parenting have been extremely helpful as I have navigated the storms of early childhood into early adolescence.   And Hand-in-Hand Parenting makes it easy by offering classes around common areas of struggle.

You’ll Change Your Parenting And Your Life!

Begin with the Starter Class where you will learn

  • 6 tools needed to raise a happy, well-rounded child
  • The common causes of crying and its surprising benefits
  • Why your child throws tantrums and how you can respond to them
  • How your child’s emotions work
  • How to heal your child’s fears
  • How to help an angry child become playful and compassionate

Your registration will give you immediate access to the rich video and text content in your online classroom. Your registration also includes six weekly small-group calls with a Certified Hand in Hand instructor for questions and support.

Take a self-guided class

Your registration will give you immediate and anytime access to these transformative videos and reading materials, available to you any time, day or night!

Setting Limits where you will learn

  • How children signal for help
  • Common causes and triggers for off-track behavior
  • Three steps to setting effective limits
  • Why conventional discipline methods don’t work for long
  • Why a sense of connection is so vital to your child
  • The importance of emotional support for yourself

Taming Sibling Rivalry where you will learnSiblings_want_to_love_one_another_large

  • How to build a peaceful, loving home for the whole family
  • To finally understand what’s at the root of sibling tensions
  • Practical tools to tame sibling rivalry with examples from real parents on how to use them
  • To prepare for the birth of a new sibling
  • To help a child who is frequently victimized
  • To build support for yourself and reduce your frustration level and so much more

Helping Your Child Sleep where you will learn

  • To confidently help your child sleep through the night
  • To put an end to bed wetting, night terrors, and bedtime tantrums
  • To have more energy to connect with your child and your partner

Helping Your Child With Aggression where you will learnChildren Don't Want To Hurt

  • To finally discover the root causes of your child’s aggression
  • To feel more confident as a parent that you can effectively address hitting, kicking, biting, yelling and other violent tendencies
  • Concrete tools to address aggression, stop the behavior, and strengthen your child’s connection with you

I highly encourage any parent who is seeking to build a trusting relationship with their child to take a class offered by Hand-in-Hand Parenting.  You’ll change your parenting and your life!


8 thoughts on “Parent Education Resources

  1. hey Heather,
    These are great classes you’ve laid out here, I’m particularly interested in learning about how to tackle the child’s aggression problems. I know we can reduce our own child’s aggressive behavior, but would it be possible for me to apply it on other kids as well?

    I work in a hotel and sometimes Its very hard to calm children down as some guests bring very loud and naughty children who tend to run and around and break vases while the parents just sit and let their children do what they do. Is it ethical if I were to use the techniques on other people’s children to calm them down as well?

    • Hi Riaz! Great question! The class that addresses aggression in children would certainly teach you the skills to address a child who is being aggressive, whether it was your own child or a child you were present with. Whether it would be ethical for you to apply any skills in parenting a stranger’s child in your work environment is a different question. I would assume that your management would have guidelines on this. As a trainer for educators who work with potentially aggressive children, I would suggest that it would be ethical to intervene if SAFETY were a concern, but naughty behavior that is not unsafe would be up to the parent to address. I hope this helps clarify and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Heather, I am particularly interested in Building a Trusting relationship with My kids and I wondered if there was anything specifically on this topic on offer or are you being generic here? I also wanted to say that I love your site, I think as parents we all want to do the best for our kids as well as being cool when they are a little older and every little helps and this site provides that guidance. Thanks.

    • Thank you for the inquiry! The classes offered through Hand in Hand Parenting address specific topics that will help you build a trusting relationship with your child(ren). Continuing to be authentically present with your child in all aspects of their life is the first step to building trust. Listening deeply, communicating your love and understanding, and showing an interest in them builds that trust. I wish you a happy journey with your children!

  3. This sounds like a truly valuable course that can help so many parents and kids thrive in the family unit. Thank you for outlining the features of the course and benefits that you can achieve through following the course. I like that there are coaching parts of it and that you can learn so many great techniques – it’s definitely not easy dealing with small children, discipline, figuring out what’s too much, too little, too harsh, too soft. I have to check this out – thank you!

    • Thank you, Maria, for your observations! I agree that raising children can be a challenge as well as an inspiration for personal growth! I am confident you will find these courses as beneficial as I have!

  4. Hi Heather, Hand in Hand Parenting sounds fabulous. I just completed a couple of parenting courses, Tall Trees, and Evergreen Parenting, and they were amazing. I learnt so much, and am applying it daily. I live in South Africa, are these courses only available in the States? I notice most of it is online but how would the six weekly small-group calls with a Certified Hand in Hand instructor work?

    • Hi Lauren, I’m so glad you found these informative! Learning the skills to parent our children with love and presence is a beautiful thing and it sounds like you are on that path! The only challenge you might have with the small group calls is being able to join at the US time zone. I would suggest contacting them directly to see if it could work for you! Maybe you want to become an instructor and offer classes in South Africa! Wishing your family health and happiness!

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