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I will continue to build this section out as I find recipes that my children enjoy and that are healthy for our family.  Because my son has an autoimmune condition, I will focus on AIP recipes, gluten free recipes, and real food recipes.  I will always distinguish if the recipes is truly AIP or not.

If you have a recipe you would like included as a guest, please send me a note and I will try it out!


These three books together will help you through the process of identifying food sensitivities that may be affecting your gut and brain health and provide nutrient-rich, real-food recipes to help you get and stay healthy!  Recipes often offer gluten free or paleo options.

This cook book, filled with delicious Auto Immune Protocol recipes, is a must have if your are dealing with autoimmunity! In addition to mouth watering recipes, there are great tips for transitioning to an AIP diet.

I’d love to know what resources you love!  Comment below with your favorite cook books!

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  1. I enjoyed listening to you on the Children’s Health Summit. I am learning more about essential oils and even made some dryer sheets last week. I have also written a children’s vegetable cookbook(4 Ways to Yummy Children’s Vegetable Cookbook) and wondered if you would like to review some pages and list it on your “books” page. It’s quite unique and has been endorsed by Ocean Robbins, Rebecca Katz, Dr. Nandi, and Archana Mundhe. It is also going to be in Grandparents Magazine in July and at all the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Co in the next couple of weeks. I appreciate your time and consideration into my request. I think we are like-minded. Good luck to you! You can find out more about me on Amazon Books at . Or I can send you some pages digitally to look at. I think I can promise it to be fun. Heide from

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