The PANDAS Network is the go to resource for parents needing more information about PANS and PANDAS.  Here you will find information to help you with diagnosis, treatment, finding a practitioner, getting the school supports needed, and much more.

The OCD Foundation has information about PANDAS/PANS as well as information about supporting your child with OCD.

The National Institute of Mental Health has information about PANDAS/PANS that will help you with diagnosis and treatment options.

The PANS/PANDAS Physician Network is a resource for the professional supporting your child and for the parents to better understand treatment options and to ensure that their child is getting the proper doses.

You are welcome to join my private Facebook group, Western Washington PANDAS/PANS Parent Support Group.

Parents experiencing this illness support each other better than anyone else can!

You may view a PowerPoint I presented at the 2015 NWPBIS conference in Seattle, WA.  Scroll down the page to session F6 and you can click on the 3 hyper linked documents.  Please share this with anyone you feel would benefit from learning more about PANS/PANDAS, how to support a child in the school setting, and how to support the family coping with this life changing illness.

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