Working From Home

Earning an income from home while still managing all the day to day details can be a challenge.  Here I will share my own journey, and as you explore this site, I will share ideas to earn an income from home, ensure a healthy home, and maintain a balance.


When my husband and I decided to start a family we had a plan!

Our plan was simple.  After utilizing IVF (in vitro fertilization) to conceive our child, I would stay home for the first few years while the biological needs could be met easiest by me.  Then I would go back to work and my husband would stay home until our child was independent in school.


We had a beautiful baby boy, our “miracle of science” and I left my job as a high school resource teacher to be home.  Then the “miracle of nature” kicked in and 17 months later we had our second beautiful baby boy!   We were now a happy family of four!  But to be honest, being home wasn’t all that I thought it would be.  After four years, I was ready to get back in the classroom and I needed to renew my certificate.

So, as we planned, it was time to switch!  I took a job in the same high school I had been teaching at previously, but now in an EBD classroom, and my husband came home to manage the day to day duties.  That was quite a transition and a great opportunity for him to realize all the work that the stay at home parent does!  Soon both our boys were in school full day and my husband was beginning to think about re-entering the world of employment.

But our plan was interrupted!

In the winter of our oldest son’s 4th grade year, he got sick.  At the time we didn’t know it, but six months later he was diagnosed with PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome).  This illness turned our family upside down.

It became evident that I would need to be home to care for him as he could no longer attend school and most of the time couldn’t even leave the house.  After a year and a half of treatment, he is healing, but still not fully recovered.  I continue to be home and care for him, but I have more time now to think about myself, my interests, my passions, and all the new learning I have engaged in over the past few years of healing.


If you are a parent who is home, for whatever reason, and you want to take charge of your family’s health, you’ve come to the right place.  I will share what I have learned on this exhausting, but rewarding journey.  I will share on health, on working from home, on finding a balance, on realizing your potential.  I will share what it takes for me to be a courageous parent.  And I hope you will share your stories of heart ache and success with me.  I believe that when we support each other, great things happen!

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